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What sets us apart?

A proven process for proven results.

For starters, our five-step approach to recruiting delivers quality candidates that fit the job, culture and timeline. Through talent screening, motivational assessments, tailored communication, secondary qualification review, and comprehensive reference checks, our process deeply qualifies candidates on competencies, workplace drivers, and cultural fit.

Step One

Initial Talent Screening
  • Phone screening focused on candidates’ breadth/depth of expertise, career goals, and desired work environment. 
  • Our seasoned recruiters dive deep into qualifications through structured interview deliveries, focused on identifying workplace motivators and deal breakers for candidates.
  • The assessment evaluates long-term growth potential, promotion ability, and possible career trajectory.

Step Two

Motivational Alignment Assessment
  • Deep-dive self assessment of each candidate’s values, priorities, and intrinsic motivational drives.
  • Psychometric analysis positions candidate for optimal success by matching to cultures and environments that align to inherent motivational makeup.
  • Determines whether candidates will thrive based on motivational alignment to role and team dynamic.

Step Three

Personalized Communication
  • Text-based conversation to establish relationship, agree on ideal positions based on motivators and skill strengths from assessments.  
  •  Vet candidate questions on team, day-to-day responsibilities, growth path based on direct insights from hiring manager.
  •  Schedule secondary screening which dives deeper into position and organization specifics.

Step Four

Secondary Qualification Screening
  • 60 minute follow-up screen heavily focused on technical qualifications and abilities for intended role. 
  • Incorporates scenario-based interview questions from the hiring manager to evaluate problem-solving approach.
  • Identifies candidate’s onboarding needs, if selected.

Step Five

Reference Checks and Verification
  • Conversations with 2-3 former managers or leaders, for added perspective.
  • Fact check capabilities and achievements the candidate has shared.
  • Verify motivational makeup, communication style, strengths and weaknesses, and ideal environments for peak performance.


All of these steps together help us to deliver quality talent when you need it.

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