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How Technology is Transforming Insurance Talent Needs

The insurance industry is going through massive technology disruption. From AI to IoT to blockchain, new innovations are changing insurance products, operations, and customer experience. This tech transformation has profound implications for insurance talent strategy and acquisition – here are three ways technology is influencing insurance workforce needs.

  • Emergence of New Tech Roles – Insurers need talent like data scientists, IoT engineers, cybersecurity analysts, and blockchain developers to build and manage emerging tech capabilities. Recruiting is evolving to source these in-demand but hard to find experts.
  • Reskilling and Upskilling Existing Talent – While new tech roles are essential, existing staff also need to be continuously trained on using and interacting with new innovations like automation and AI. Reskilling initiatives are key for insurers to have balanced workforces.
  • New Skills and Mindsets to Assess – Recruiting criteria is changing with technology. In addition to technical capabilities, adaptability, change orientation, and aptitude to continuously learn are key traits to assess.

The pace of insurance technology change will only accelerate. Proactively developing workforces via external recruitment and internal development is crucial to leverage technology for a competitive advantage. Firms failing to adapt talent strategies risk falling behind the curve. How is your insurance organization responding to the impacts of technology on talent needs?

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